Friday Feature: Getting to Know Makennah Mills

Friday Feature: Getting to Know Makennah Mills

Charleston, S.C. - Freshman Makennah Mills has gotten off to a quick start to her collegiate career as a cross country runner. The Buccaneer has finished second on the team each race this season and now looks ahead to the Big South Championships.

"There's definitely more intensity and mileage in college compared to high school," said Mills. "I believe I'm doing pretty well so far making that jump from high school to college."

Favorite Season: Summer or fall

Favorite Halloween movie: Any of the classics

Any pets? Two cats

Favorite course to run: State race courses. I like something that is fast and challenging.

Best running partner: Caroline Inman

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite flavor of gum: Spearmint or Peppermint

Moe's or Chipotle: I usually go to Barberitos

Go-to order: Steak or chicken burrito with spinach and olives

Favorite Class: American Lit.

Favorite thing about college: Exposure to a lot of different people

One thing you miss most about home: Family, friends and my cats

Favorite part of living in Charleston: There's a lot to do with the beach and downtown

If you didn't run Cross Country, what sport would you play? Basketball. I played since I was three and stopped after freshman year of HS.

What is the worst habit you have? I'm OCD about stopping my gps to the nearest tenth mile.

Dream Career: Psychical Therapist or Strength and Conditioning Coach

Are you usually early or late? I have to be early or it drives me crazy. Being early is being on time to me.

Mentor: My parents

Current Netflix binge show: Parks and Rec

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend? Visiting a new location with family and friends. A stress free weekend with no homework.

When asked why she chose to become a Buccaneer, Mills commented that she liked the environment and the feel she got from the campus on her initial tour.

"I do trust them (coaches) with my training," Mills added. "My team has been wonderful and really supportive."

You can support the Bucs as they compete in the Big South Championship this Friday in High Point, North Carolina.

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