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New dimension added to the Buccaneer Tennis Complex

New dimension added to the Buccaneer Tennis Complex

CHARLESTON, S.C. - The Buccaneer Tennis Complex added a new dimension for fans to follow home Charleston Southern Tennis matches this week with the installation of a new electronic scoreboard overlooking the complex.

"I'm really excited for the CSU tennis program to be able to make this addition to our complex," CSU head coach Mike Baker said. "We were able to add this addition because of the generous support of the people who have helped our program, and it's a reflection of the success we've had over the past 10 years. We can't thank everyone enough for their efforts in helping enhance the CSU tennis program."

The new Fair-Play TN-1736-2 board measures 18' wide by 16' tall and comes with a wireless receiver and controller that will enable off-court scoring between games to show up-to-date scores on all singles and doubles courts. The board features openings for three sets scores on six different courts and overall team score positioning on the top of the board.

An additional feature will be added next season as miniature controllers will be stationed at each court. These controllers will enable the players themselves the ability to enter scores as each match progresses.

Advertising space will also be featured on the back side of the scoreboard facing the joint Buccaneer Tennis Complex and Buccaneer Field House parking lot.

The board will be in use for the first time this weekend as the Buccaneers host Emory University in a non-conference matchup on Sunday afternoon. First serve between the Bucs and the Eagles is set for 1 p.m.

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