Determined Domoney sacrificing for success at Regionals

Determined Domoney sacrificing for success at Regionals

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Entering the world of college sports and becoming a Buccaneer was a dream come true for Jayme Domoney. Successfully representing his county back home in England launched Domoney into pursuing progress and next-level performances in running. Hard work and sacrifices paved his path across the Atlantic to join CSU, and become an essential element of the top 3 team finish at the Conference Championship two weekends ago.

"What made me choose CSU was Coach Stintzi and his accomplishments with other athletes," Domoney said. "All of the athletes he's coached have progressed from high school through college. Back home people see college as an opportunity to have fun and go out partying. Here sports are taken more seriously and the coaches are fully focused on what they are doing."

The smaller college setting and an environment with few distractions suits Domoney who firmly believes that great sacrifices reap great rewards.   

"The atmosphere helps you have more self-control. We get up early, eat better, and sleep more. Being disciplined gives you the idea that when you work hard you'll get the rewards."

Sacrifices are a part of the life of a college athlete; something many freshmen struggle to accept. Not so with Domoney. 

"We definitely miss out on stuff, such as going to parties," he said. "I think the reward is much bigger than going out to parties. It's in the smaller things as well. In the everyday choices like not having pizza because if I don't have it I will run better in the long run."

Staying focused on consistent progress and small wins are what keeps Domoney going.

"Setting smaller goals more often keeps me motivated, instead of just having one huge goal. I'm always working toward small goals. I take each year and each workout one by one, improving gradually towards a bigger end goal."

Domoney's goal this year is improving his endurance and times in cross country and making NCAA regionals in the 1500m during track season. 

"A lot of us are improving. We train together but the program is still tailored to individual needs. If we need a day off coach Stintzi understands. Although he wants us to improve he knows we're only human," said Domoney.

The men's cross country team spends almost all their time together. They train, live and breathe the same lifestyle of finishing close to 10 miles at dawn, before the alarms of the rest of the campus go off. 

"We know each other very well. That helps especially in training and on race day," said Domoney.

He continued with a wide grin, "I think it contributes to the success, we can see what each of us do to be better. We see Fearghal (Curtin) eat a lot of beetroot, so maybe we'll eat more beetroot too."

After the highest Conference Championship team finish in men's cross country since 1994, Domoney is excited to hit the hills in Virginia and take on the Regional Championship next weekend.

"Appalachian State is ranked 15th and we were only two points behind them at the High Point meet. We should be in the top 15," Domoney concluded.

The men's cross country team will face their first 10k of the season at the NCAA Southeast Regional Championship in Charlottesville, Va., on Friday, November 10th.

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