Buccaneers lining up for season opener at Carolina Challenge

Buccaneers lining up for season opener at Carolina Challenge

CHARLESTON, S.C. - A deep field of both distance and middle distance runners is lining up for an exciting season in men's cross country in 2017.

Returning sophomore Trevor Dominy, with newcomers Jaymee Domoney and Kyle Morrell, agree that the team consists of a great group of guys working together this year.

"We are definitely close as a team and we bonded very quickly. We have high morale and good group chemistry," said Dominy.

Head coach Jim Stintzi has done a thorough job in recruiting new runners. This year a promising group of freshmen is entering the growing distance-focused program.  

"My philosophy in general is that a larger squad is better than a smaller squad," commented Stintzi. "When you have to fight for a spot on the roster or the team bus, it creates a bit of healthy competition." 

A larger group of people also makes it easier to bond and creates a positive feeling of unity, especially during those tough sessions. The positive team energy is something both athletes and coaches have noticed this year. 

"Because training is intense, you have to go in with a team attitude and lift each other up and pull each other along," Stintzi said. "A lot of our guys came from a background where they had nobody to train with and now they can get into building together toward individual and team results."

The upcoming weekend is a chance for the middle-distance runners in the team to see where they are in terms of cardiovascular strength. The distance runners will be joining the action in two weeks. 

"I am really pleased with what I have seen so far, the team has exceeded my expectations," Stintzi concludes.

The Buccaneers' first race will shoot off at 9:30 a.m. at Carolina Challenge on Saturday in Columbia, South Carolina. 

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