Friday Feature: Getting to know Patrick Wallace

Friday Feature: Getting to know Patrick Wallace

This season, Patrick Wallace is lining up for his final collegiate season, and second with the Buccaneers.  In 2015, the senior guard transferred to Charleston Southern from N.C. State, where he was a member of the Wolpack's 2014-15 Sweet 16 team.

"I think my role on the team is to just be a leader, by example and with my voice, and overall to just bust my tail," Wallace said.

In the last several weeks, the Buccaneers (3-4) experienced two tough losses in the final seconds of play against S.C. Upstate and Abilene Christian.  Instead of letting the defeats get the best of them, Wallace says the team has kept their heads up.

"Had we won those games, it would have been fool's gold," Wallace said.  "I think those losses are going to help us in conference-play because all the Big South games are very close.  I think our defense is going to have to improve, and that's what we've been working on this week.  Going forward, we're going to have to execute better in the late game situations."

We took some time ahead of Saturday's home matchup against Johnson & Wales to sit down with Wallace and get to know the guy behind the guard.

Favorite pro-sports team: Charlotte Hornets

Favorite pre­-game meal: 
Steak and mashed potatoes

How do you like your steak cooked? Medium-well

Secret talent or fact: I can spin the basketball on my finger.

Favorite class:

What is your spirit animal? A cheetah, because it's fast

Strangest nickname you have: Pistol Patty.  I got the name from Raemond Robinson.  He just came up with it, I guess because I'm fast, and I just ran with it.

Most surprising/embarrassing song on your iPhone: Anything Justin Bieber

Two words to describe you on the court: Smart and quick

Two words to describe you off the court: Loud and studious

Best advice you've ever gotten: Nobody who gave their best effort ever regretted it.

Who is your role model? My dad is my role model.  He's always taught me how to go about things the right way with respect and thoughtfulness.  He also played baseball at N.C. State, so he's helped me understand the challenges that come with being a student-athlete.  He's instilled the philosophy in me that, if you really want something, you've got to do everything you can to get there.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate

Mountains or beach? Beach

Favorite sporting moment from your time here at CSU: I don't really have a specific moment.  My favorite thing about my time here has really been the entire journey.

What do you want to do when you graduate? 
I would like to play professionally or go coach at a Division I school.

Favorite TV show: SportsCenter

Place you would most like to visit?

Favorite sport to play/watch outside of basketball: My favorite sport to play outside of basketball is probably flag football.  My favorite sport to watch outside of basketball is either golf or baseball.

Who is your favorite golfer? Jordan Spieth 

Favorite baseball team: New York Yankees

Do you have any superstitions or pre-game rituals?
I just say a prayer, that's it.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Chipotle chicken bowl

If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have? The ability to stay in front on defense

What are your hobbies outside of basketball?
I don't really have a lot of hobbies outside of basketball.  I'm mostly in the gym practicing or studying.  Sometimes I play ping-pong in the Brewer Center.

If you could go back in time, what decade would you travel to?
I would travel to the early 1900's because I think it would be cool to see how different the lifestyles are compared to present-day.

What are you going to miss most about being a student-athlete at CSU? 
I'm going to miss the constant games the most and the whole process that comes with being a student-athlete.  I'll miss the day in, day out of practice and school, and I'll also miss the incredible support base at CSU.

If you could choose, what would your walk-up song be?
 'What Do You Mean' by Justin Bieber

What is your main motivation when you're out on the court?  My main motivation is to just do my best and to maximize what I can do every day.  My goal is to have my body completely spent by the end of the day, then go to sleep and wake up and do it again.

Describe your coaches: Coach Radebaugh is the jokester and the brains.  Coach McKie is the offensive brains.  Coach Smith is the scouter that helps us strategize against opposing players and other teams as a whole.  Coach Murdock is just a bulldog.  T. Butters also helps with scouting and handles personnel, and Coach Everett helps with coordinating video that we watch for skill development.

What's the biggest thing you've learned from your coaches? The biggest thing they've taught me that I'll take away is to bring it every day.  No matter what you're doing, put your best foot forward and make the effort.

Who is the jokester on the team? Raemond Robinson and Zach Durkee

Who is the team hypeman? I would have to say Brock Johnson.  He gets really hype and he's the most vocal person on our team.

Who is the calm person on the team? I would have to say Raemond Robinson.  He stays pretty calm.

Who is the brains on the team? Probably Zach Durkee

Wallace says this year's team is full of comradery, and while they've had some tough last-minute losses, they're confident they can take what they learned from those defeats to propel them forward.

"Our team goal is to go to the NCAA tournament and to try and win the Big South tournament and the regular season," Wallace added.  "My personal goals for the season are just to be as focused on winning as possible and to do all I can to help the team.  I want to contribute by hitting threes, playing great defense and really moving the ball." 

You can come out and show your support for Wallace and the Buccaneers as they take on the Wildcats of Johnson & Wales (N.C.) on Saturday night.  Tipoff at the Buc Dome is set for 5:30 p.m. on the Big South Network.

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