Off the Dribble - Patrick Wallace

Off the Dribble - Patrick Wallace

CHARLESTON, S.C. – As the 2016-17 season approaches, we'll let you get to know the Bucs' roster better through interviews with each player. Senior Patrick Wallace made an immediate impact as one of the top three-point shooters in the Big South last year after transferring from N.C. State. CSU opens the season on Nov. 12 at Florida State and tips off the home slate three days later against Columbia International.

Q&A with senior guard Patrick Wallace (Communications major at CSU)

Q: Why do you guys think you'll be a better team this year?

A: We've had a lot of good players come in that we recruited. We've got a lot more positive energy around the program and I think our work ethic as a team, as a unit, is a lot better this year. I think we can have a great year and I'm looking forward to it.

Q: The chemistry amongst the team seems to be a common thread players are pointing to. What is making that good?

A: Part of the chemistry is having guys that mesh better. We have a lot more penetrators this year and that really helps shooters like me and Raemond Robinson to get good looks.  

Q: Did you notice that on the Canada trip?

A: Yeah, we did. When you have penetrators, you can have an inside-out game. The emergence of Javis Howard is also huge for our team. Ugo is gonna be very important for our team as well. They're the key to our offense. If they're threats, which they are, then we're gonna be a lot better.

Q: Have you tried to take on a greater leadership role as a senior?

A: Being a senior's a lot different than being an underclassman. I want to be a leader for these guys every day by example and by using my voice. Also, work ethic, being in the gym, showing them that you have to work to be good in the college game.

Q: How did you end up at CSU from N.C. State?

A: I walked on at N.C. State after spending a year at Brewster Academy up in New Hampshire. I walked on for Coach Mark Gottfried at North Carolina State for two years, transferred here. I came down here for a workout – Coach Radebaugh invited me down here. I came down and got a scholarship offer. I had a couple of schools in the Patriot League and Big South interested in me too but I felt like this was the best fit for me with the blue collar work ethic, the way we play and shooting a lot of threes. I felt like this was the best fit for me and my last two years.

Q: How much fun was it to play a lot last year and not seeing a lot of time at N.C. State?

A: It was great to play but the fact that we lost that much wasn't a lot of fun. I'm just looking to building on my experiences to help this team win this year and take the program in a positive direction.

Q: Are you the best shooter on the team? If so, whose second?

A: I think I'm the best shooter but I think Raemond Robinson, he's a great kid. Phenomenal mindset and great heart so yeah, he's a great shooter too.

Q: Who's the best athlete on the team?

A: Probably Ugo. He's got quick bounce. He's quick off the ground and just really athletic, rebounding and dunking the ball and stuff.

Q: Major at CSU?

A:  I'm a Communications major with a minor in Sociology.

Q: Plans for after graduation?

A: My plans are to continue playing professionally or try to get into coaching or scouting. 

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