Off the Dribble - Rae Robinson

Off the Dribble - Rae Robinson

CHARLESTON, S.C. – As the 2016-17 season approaches, we'll let you get to know the Bucs' roster better through interviews with each player. Senior Rae Robinson was one of the best three-point shooters in the Big South last year and is looking to develop his all-around game while honing his leadership skills. CSU opens the season on Nov. 12 at Florida State and tips off the home slate three days later against Columbia International.

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Q&A with senior guard Rae Robinson (Communications major at CSU)

Q: What's stood out about preseason practice?

A: Just a lot of guys ready to play. Really a lot of competitive guys on our team and just they're going hard each day in practice so I'm really looking forward to this season.

Q: What makes you such a good outside shooter?

A: I stay in the gym. That's the biggest thing. Just have confidence being a shooter. That's the biggest thing to being a shooter is thinking that every shot you put up is gonna go in. That's the mindset I've always had.

Q: Dribbling is a part of your game you've worked at a lot. What goes into that?

A: It's just something I need to work on at all times. Being a ball handler, it's not what's been my strong point so being in the gym each day, working on my ball handling and trying to improve. I'm known as a three-point shooter so if I can put it on the floor a little bit, it can stretch the floor and help me get my teammates open as well as get myself open.

Q: You guys had added a lot of solid players since last year. Did you notice that you might get more open shots this year from the experience in Canada?

A: Yeah, we have a lot of drivers, a lot of playmakers and creators on our team. It makes it a lot easier for me just to sit in the corner and knock down shots having Armel and Cortez and Christian and Patrick's a great ball handler himself. Having them on the court and they can find me, it's a blessing.

Q: Best athlete on the team?

A: I'm probably not the best athlete on the team and I'm sure Armel is not the best athlete. I'm gonna go with Ugo. I'm pretty sure Ugo is the best athlete on the team.

Q: You were an all-state football player at Goose Creek High School as a linebacker. Do you miss it?

A: Sometimes. Sometimes I walk home and I see the football team out there practicing and I'm like 'man, I wish I could play' but everything's not always meant to be so basketball's my sport now.

Q: Plans for this year and after graduation?

A: Expectations for basketball is obviously to bring CSU a Big South championship. Expectations after basketball is to get a job either playing basketball or further my education working on my master's degree.

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