Bucs strap on full pads for the first time in fall camp; CSU looks ahead to first scrimmage Saturday

Bucs strap on full pads for the first time in fall camp; CSU looks ahead to first scrimmage Saturday

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Charleston Southern hit the field for the first day of full pads in 2018 fall camp as the Buccaneers battled against the midafternoon heat and the Charleston summer weather.

The Bucs flew around early in the session with a leveled, Georgia drill that shook off some of the early rust of the preseason before settling into a fast-paced practice session. CSU closed the afternoon with their first 11-on-11 session in full pads that featured a number of offensive and defensive highlights as the team prepares for this weekend's scrimmage.

Overall, Head Coach Mark Tucker was pleased with the competition throughout the entire day.

"We had good contact and good competition across the board and as units," Tucker said. "We were able to move the ball offensively, and we also made a few mistakes that our defense made us pay for. We had guys flying around and fitting in well, and I'm very pleased. It's all about pace and attitude, as well as coming in with the right mindset. Our guys are in a very good place right now."

The opening Georgia drill set the tone for the day's practice as the team let loose early with three separate lines running and popping throughout the drill.

In the late stages of practice, rising junior quarterback London Johnson connected on a deep post to Saire Davis for a touchdown, while Jack Chambers effectively ran the option several times for some big gains down the left side.

The defense had its standouts as well with James Allen correctly identifying a swing pass in the left flat disrupting the play with a big hit for the incompletion. Jonathan Slaton added a fumble recovery later in the session and the redshirt senior cornerback weaved his way through the offense and into the open field for a touchdown.

The Bucs continue camp with another day of instruction in full pads on Thursday before returning to shells on Friday in preparation for this weekend's first scrimmage of fall camp.

"We've got another primary installation day tomorrow," Tucker said. "We'll go through the mechanics and execute things on staff and game plan offensively in execution and reps. Our first scrimmages aren't as game-like early on as we continue to develop and work on what we've installed, but I'm looking forward to getting the guys back out there again.

CSU's scrimmage will run Saturday morning from 9 – 11:30 a.m. at Buccaneer Field.

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