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Charleston Southern University is committed to the goal of operating a competitive athletics program in compliance with NCAA regulations. Achieving this goal requires that all individuals associated with the University's intercollegiate athletics program, including friends and supporters, be aware of and maintain compliance with, NCAA regulations.

CLICK HERE for CSU's Brochure on NCAA Rules and Regulations.

As a fundamental condition of membership within the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Charleston Southern University is required to exercise "institutional control" over its intercollegiate athletics program. Failure to do so can result in NCAA sanctions being placed on the University's intercollegiate athletics program and the loss of the involved student-athletes' eligibility. This page has been developed for the purpose of providing members of the University community with an overview of NCAA regulations. We hope that you will refer to this page often for updates.

The Principle of Institutional Control and Responsibility
The University's responsibility for the conduct of its intercollegiate athletics program includes responsibility for the actions of its staff members and for the actions of any other individual or organization engaged in activities promoting the athletics interests of the University (NCAA Bylaw 2.1.2).

Who Is Considered a Representative of Charleston Southern's Athletics Interests?
You are if any one of the following has occurred:

  • You have ever participated in or are a member of any organization promoting Charleston Southern's athletics program (i.e., The Buc Club)
  • You have ever made financial contributions to the Charleston Southern's athletics department
  • You have ever helped arrange employment of, or provided any benefits to, prospective or enrolled student-athletes
  • You have ever been a season ticket holder in any sport
  • You have ever promoted the athletics programs at the Charleston Southern University

In accordance with NCAA regulations, once an individual has been identified as a "representative of athletics interests" (i.e., Booster) the individual retains that identity forever. The NCAA holds Charleston Southern University accountable not only for the conduct of its employees and coaches, but for the conduct of those individuals outside the University who have been identified as "representatives of athletics interests." As a "representative of athletics interests," you are strictly prohibited from providing prospective or currently enrolled student-athletes with extra benefits.

Who Is a Prospective Student-Athlete (PSA)?
NCAA regulations define a prospective student athlete as any student who has started classes for the ninth grade. This definition also includes students enrolled in a preparatory school or a two-year college. NCAA regulations strictly prohibit you from having recruiting contact (i.e., phone calls, face-to-face contacts, letters, e-mails) with prospects for the purpose of soliciting their enrollment at Charleston Southern University. Only those coaches who have been certified by the NCAA are authorized to engage in recruiting activity on behalf of the University. If you are approached by a prospective student-athlete who is interested in the University's athletics program, please direct them to the appropriate coach. While normal civility is permitted, please do not engage in any recruiting activities. This web site contains contact information for each coach.

Who Is an Enrolled Student-Athlete?
An enrolled student-athlete is any student at Charleston Southern who is a member of an athletics team.

What Is an Extra Benefit?
An "extra benefit" is any special arrangement by an institutional staff member or a representative of athletics interest to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete's relatives or friends a benefit that is not generally available to the student body. Extra benefits that may not be provided to prospective or enrolled student-athletes or their family or friends include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cash or any item of material value
  • Assistance with paying personal bills (rent, utilities)
  • Use of an automobile or payment of transportation expenses
  • Assistance with educational expenses (tuition, books, room/board)
  • Free or reduced lodging at your home
  • Entertainment expenses (meals, sports tickets, movies)
  • Long-distance phone calls
  • Transportation to or from a summer job
  • Employment compensation above the normal rate for like duties (Note: prospective student-athletes may not be contacted regarding employment opportunities until after they have signed the National Letter of Commitment to attend Charleston Southern University).

NCAA regulations are numerous and complex. Seemingly innocent gestures can result in the loss of athletics eligibility for prospective and enrolled student-athletes. In most cases, student-athletes are required to repay the amount of any extra benefit received as a condition of having eligibility restored by the NCAA. When in doubt, ASK BEFORE YOU ACT! Should you have questions regarding NCAA regulations, please contact:

Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance/SWA
Ashton Turner
Charleston Southern University
Office: (843) 863-7078

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